Yedigöze Sani Bey Hydro.PP (317 MW) Hydromechanical Equipment


Project  :

Yedigöze Sani Bey Dam & Hydroelectric Power Plant Project Civil Works Of Water

Intake Structure, Spillway And Penstock Supports, Adana - Turkey

Client :

Yedigöze Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.          

Contract Date





10 Months



Main Contractor

Percentage Of Participation


100 %


General Description Of The Project :

The Project area is located between the Akören district and initial point of Menteş reservoir, which is 34 km southeast from İmaoğlu district of Adana on the Seyhan River in Mediterranean region.


The dam is a rock fill dam and the upstream face is covered with reinforced concrete, thalweg elevation is 105 m and the crest elevation is 131m. The hydroelectric plant is composed of two units, which has 369,84 m3/s maximum project inflow, 95,50 m gross head and 317 MW installed capacity.


All civil works except excavation works for Water Intake Structure, Spillway Structure and Penstock supports are within the scope of project.


Detailed Description Of The Project :

Concrete : 300.000 m³
Reinforcement : 5000 tons
Formwork : 82,000 m²