Vanazit Hydroelectric Power Plant


Project  :

Vanazit Hydroelectric Power Plant Project Civil Works Of Water Intake Structure, Pipe Line, Forebay, Penstock Pipeline, Turbine Building, Power Transmissions Line

Client :

PROEN Enerji ve Madencilik A.Ş.

Contract Date





12 Months



Main Contractor

Percentage Of Participation


100 %


Detailed Description Of The Project :

The Project area is located in Keşap district, which is in Giresun on the Büyük River in Black Sea region.The hydroelectric plant is composed of one unit, which has 3,50 m3/s maximum project inflow, 108,38 m gross head and 3,46 MW installed capacity.All civil works are within the scope of project.


Detailed Description Of The Project :

Concrete               : 18.000 m³

Reinforcement      : 900 tons

Formwork             : 25.000 m²