Etimaden Emet Sulphuric Acid Production Plant (350000 Ton/year)


Project  :

Etimaden Emet 350.000 ton/year Sulphuric Acid Production Plant

Client : Etimaden Isletmleri Genel Mudurlugu
Contract Date : 12.10.2018
Status : EPC Contractor
Percentage Of Participation :



General Description Of The Project :

The project consists of the engineering, procurement and construction/installation works to be carried out for the construction of a sulfuric acid production plant, which will be established at Etimaden İşletmeleri Genel Müdürlüğü Emet Bor İşletmeleri (Emet-Kütahya) and have a capacity of 350,000 ton/year on sulfur basis (based on an operation of 330 days of a year and 24 hours of a day, 100% H2SO4), and for the construction of associated and auxiliary units that will meet the steam, electric power, water etc.  required for sulfuric acid production.