18 Mart Can 2x160MW FGD Plant

Project  :

18 Mart Çan 2x160 MW Power Plant Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant

Client : Turkish Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ)
Contract Date : 22.02.2018
Status : EPC Contractor
Percentage Of Participation :



General Description Of The Project :
  • Shifting Flue Gas: Flue gas produced by thermal plants will be directed to new desulfurization units.
  • Desulphurızatıon process: Flue gas which contains SO2 will be subjected to the chemical reaction by using wet limestone
  • Waste Disposal Process: As a result of below-given removal chemical reaction of SO2 product will come as gypsum. Final product gypsum will be disposed of the site by using trucks.
  • Ash Mixing Process: To dispose of gypsum will be done by mixing bed ash and fly ash which comes from Thermal power plant boiler. This mixing process will be done by tailor-made pug mills.
  • Process Stages: Directing Flue gas, Boosting Flue Gas, Desulphurization, Mixing final product with ashes, Disposal of the final product.
  • Site works: Site leveling, Retaining walls, Drain pits, Construction of 120 m height two (2) absorber with special Alloy-31 material, Construction of limestone storage silos (Concrete with steel framework), Construction of electrical and service buildings, Construction of pipe bridges and gas channels, all technological equipment service and erection activities.
  • Electrical Works: IPBD systems for 2 units (Isolated Phase Bus Duct), Medium Voltage Distribution systems (MW), Low voltage distribution systems (LW), Lightning and Power outlet system, Power Distribution Control System (HV, MV, LV), DCS systems ( Distributed Control Systems), Creating an connection network with existing control systems with New DCS system,HVAC systems, Communication systems , Fire Protection, Electrical and Service rooms.
  • Auxiliaries: Industrial water, Firefighting water network, Rain and runoff water, Compressed air system, Instrument air system
  • Engineering and Project management works
  • Site service, Supervision activities, commissioning and training activities