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The Prokon-Ekon Group Of Companies Moved To Its New Headquarters

The PROKON-EKON Group has moved to a its new headquarters in the district of Kazan, Ankara on the 05th May 2014 which gathered all the group of companies under one roof.


The new headquarters has 2 basements, one ground floor and 5 upper floors on a total building area of 16.750 m2. The building has two parking basements of a total capacity of 140 cars, a conference room which can accommodate up to 120 people, a canteen, meeting rooms, offices. It also features a large garden and a 90 m2 fitness salon and activity salon.  


Transparency has been chosen as the main concept in the project of the headquarters building, steel elements which form the structure of the building are not covered in order to reflect group’s main activity focus and are visible from the outside. The building is a green building and one of the few in the city of Ankara to hold a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certificate. The Construction of the building started in June 2012 and ended in April 2014.