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The First Of The Gas Turbines For The Conversions Of The Ambarlı Fuel –Oil Power Plant Units 4 & 5 to Dual Fueled Combined Cycle Plant And Rehabilitation Project

The Conversion Of The Ambarlı Fuel-Oil Power Plant Units 4 & 5 To Dual Fueled ( Diesel - Natural Gas ) Combined Cycle Plant And Rehabilitation Project of the EUAS General Directorate which has been awarded on turnkey basis on the 10th of November 2008 by the EKON - PROKON Engineering - PROKON Manufacturing Joint venture ( EPP Joint venture) has come to an end.

The first heat run of the gas turbines ( 2 units - Siemens SGT5 4000F ) as one of the important phases of the project has been successfully performed on the14th of November 2011.

In order to perform the heat run test of the gas turbines, it is necessary that the facilities such as

• The heat recovery system generators,
• Sea water intake and outlet facilities,
• Supplementary cooling systems,
• Water discharge facilities and demineralized water production,
• Natural gas, RMS station, conditioning and filtering facilities,
• The central control systems related with electricity and automation of the related units,

should also be active and this shows that expect the steam turbines the project has almost come to an end.