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Provisional Completion Certificate Received For Yedigöze Sani Bey Dam & Hydroelectric Power Plant Project Civil Eorks & Hydromechanical Equipment Manufacturing And Erection Works

Yedigöze Sani Bey Dam and HPP - Civil Works and Hydromechanical Equipment Manufacturing and Erection Works Project has been awarded to EKON by Yedigöze Electric Generation Company of SANKO Holding on January 2009. The Provisional Completion Certificate of the project which has been realized on Seyhan River between Aladağ, İmamoğlu and Kozan towns of Adana, has been received as of 30.December.2010.

Yedigöze Sani Bey Dam is a rock fill dam and the upstream face is covered with reinforced concrete, thalweg elevation is 105 m and the crest elevation is 131m. The hydroelectric plant composing of two units has 369.84 m3/s maximum project inflow, 95.50 m gross head and 317 MW installed capacity.


All civil works except excavation works for Water Intake Structure, Spillway Structure and Penstock supports have been completed within the scope of project.

Mechanical works covered the manufacturing, erection, testing and commissioning works of mechanical and hydromechanical equipment and also supply of the spare parts.

Design and engineering works of water intake structure stop logs, emergency gates, suction side stop logs, spillway stop logs and radial gates were also realized within the scope of the project.