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Provisional Acceptance Of Ambarlı Fuel Oil Power Plant Units 4. & 5. Conversion To Dual Fueled Combined Cycle Plant And Rehabilitation Project

EKON – PROKON Engineering – PROKON Manufacturing Joint Venture (EPP JV) undertook Ambarlı Fuel Oil Power Plant Units 4 & 5 Conversion to Dual Fueled Combined Cycle Plant and Rehabilitation Project on EPC basis, awarded by Electricity Generation Co. (EÜAŞ) General Directorate on 10th of November 2008. Pre-trial run, 60 days trial run and performance tests have been completed succesfully for both units and Provisional Acceptance of the plant was achieved on 21 November 2013.

For the first time, a Turkish engineering and contracting group undertook a Turnkey construction of a power plant project in Turkey by using state of the art technology. In the scope of project, the total output for two units was increased from 270 MW to 820 MW, firing system was converted to work with both natural gas and diesel fuel (dual fuelled), environmental effects were adapted to European Union criterias, the plant efficiency was increased from 34% to 56%. Our group of companies (Prokon-Ekon) has successfully completed the Ambarlı-2 Natural Gas Combined Power Plant by gaining vast experience together with important reference.