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Prokon-Ekon Group Of Companies Awarded Ambarlı Fuel-oil Power Plant Capacity İncrease And Modernization Project In Turkey

EKON Industry Construction and Trade Inc. - PROKON Engineering and Consultancy Co. – PROKON Manufacturing and Erection Co. Joint Venture (EPP Joint Venture) has been awarded the turnkey construction of Ambarlı Fuel-Oil Power Plant, Capacity Increase and Modernisation Project by Electric Generation Company (EUAS) General Directorate on 10 November 2008.

Ambarlı Fuel-Oil Power Plant has been located at Marmara Coast of Istanbul and has an installed capacity of 630 MW. The yearly production capacity of the plant under normal working conditions is 4,5 billion kWh. The 4th and 5th units of the plant, which shall be handled in this contract, had been put into operation in years 1970 and 1971.


The new contract covers the dismantling of 2x150 MW fuel-oil firing boilers (units 4 and 5), rehabilitation of the existing steam turbines, generators and auxiliaries, installation of two new 250–300 MW gas turbines, increasing the production capacity to 816 MW with the installation of two new Heat Recovery Steam Generators, the installation of an appropriate switchyard system and conversion of the system to a combined cycle power plant. The realization of this contract shall ensure an additional capacity of 516 MW.


During his speech at the Signature Ceremony of the Contract, EUAS General Director Mr. Sefer Bütün indicated that awarding Ambarlı Repowering Project to a Turkish Company is an important step, leading to the realization of future similar projects.