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First Campaign Started at Boğazlıyan Sugar Factory

Boğazlıyan Sugar Factory with 10000 tons/day sugar beet handling capacity which has been completed by FIVES CAIL - MAGUIN – (OYAK - EKON – PROKON Joint Venture) Consortium for Kayseri Sugar Factory Co., was taken into commissioning on 3 December 2006 and last year the trial campaign was accomplished. During the elapsed time the mechanic, cold, hot and automation tests have been repeated and the factory has been put into operation on 24 September 2007 for the new campaign.

Last year during 47 days of trial period, 183000 tons of sugar beet was handled and 15750 tons of sugar, 9920 tons of molasses and 40000 tons of pulp was produced.

During this 2007 campaign, it has been planned to handle 700000 tons of sugar beet and to produce 100000 tons of sugar, 28000 tons of molasses and 175000 tons of pulp.