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Ekon awarded EPC contract for Etimaden Sulphuric Acid Plant

Etimaden has awarded Ekon, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for Sulphuric Acid Plant with 350.000 ton/year production capacity located near Emet, Kütahya region of Turkey.


The project scope will cover design, manufacturing/supply, construction, installation, testing, commissioning, training and putting into successful operation of the complete sulphuric acid plant on a Turnkey basis. The greenfield project will be realized near Etimaden’s existing boric acid plant at Emet and all necessary modifications to existing boric acid plant to integrate with the new plant is under the scope of Ekon. The plant will be built using sulphur burning technology and will have necessary auxiliary facilities such as demineralized water treatment plant, waste treatment, natural gas system, fire fighting system etc. Steam produced by the acid process will be used to generate electricity up to 15 MW by a steam turbine/generator which will be supplied within the scope of project.


Once complete, the plant will be one of the largest sulphuric acid plants in Turkey producing up to acid purity of 98.75%  and will be built using latest technology.