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Ambarlı Fuel-Oil Power Plant Units 4. & 5. Comversions To Dual Fueled Combined Cycle Plant And Rehabilitation Project – First Steam Roll and Synchronization

EKON – PROKON Engineering – PROKON Manufacturing Joint Venture (EPP JV) undertook Ambarlı Fuel Oil Power Plant Units 4 & 5 Conversion to Dual Fueled Combined Cycle Plant and Rehabilitation Project on EPC basis, awarded by Electricity Generation Co. (EÜAŞ) General Directorate on 10th of November 2008. As a part of the scope, existing 40 year old Escher Wyss – Oerlikon Steam Turbines and Generators were re-engineered, rehabilitated and modified under new steam regime to achieve maximum performance.

After connection of new 380kV switchyard to National Grid is achieved, Gas Turbines and Generators has run at full load, GT Generators synchronization process was performed, chemical cleaning and steam blow of Heat Recovery Steam Generators were completed and ultimately start-up of Steam Turbines and Generators along with auxiliary systems was successfully performed.

Steam Turbines Full Speed No Load and Overspeed tests and ST Generators first Synchronisation and Load Rejection are accomplished on Site in Unit 4 on 01.08.2012 and 08.08.2012, respectively, which are deemed to be a significant milestone of the Project with respect to Full Repowering Concept.